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Bliss Out with Inside 254 on June 17!

Announcing our first fundraiser! Join us on June 17 at 12:30pm for yoga, wine, and games (try to pin the covfefe on Trump!) at Shine Yoga Center in Perkasie, PA. Suggested donation $10. Please visit our Facebook event page to RSVP, or if you want to help us out, but can’t make the event, you can make a one-time donation at our GoFundMe page.

Expert Extra #5: Christopher Ayala and Organizing 101

This week’s Expert Extra features Christopher Ayala, state organizer for our faculty union, the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF). Our discussion focuses on how you can take some easy, practical, and methodical steps to change something in your neighborhood – Chris makes organizing principles accessible to everyone! Listen and learn how you can begin.

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Episode 12: Building Community

How do you find community?  Episode 12 is here.

Ask personally.  And make sure you have goodwill in the goodwill bank!

A great primer on the steps we need to take to create and build community

Rest in Power:  The Enduring Life of Treyvon Martin.  Buy it now.

The Art of Community:  Seven Principles of Belonging.  Download today!

Loyalty is cool. However, we still need to be critical of our leaders.

the guardian on Northampton County, PA.  Here’s hoping no one punches a reporter.



Thanks to our amazing former student for making this drawing of your fearless podcasters (or “domestic terrorists” according to La Pierre)! What a beautiful gift out of the blue.  She made our day.  We are happy to have so many former students in our community.

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Listen for our Expert Extra with Chris Ayala in the coming weeks.

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Ep 12 Community

Episode 12 explores strategies for finding and building community. The Trumpster fire unpacks Trump loyalists and what they care about, our Media Minute reviews Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin, and the Activist Action provides practical networking advice.

Please listen and share our podcast with your like-minded friends. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on our web site where we post links and additional information from the current episode. Thank you for listening!

Like our work? Please become a patron and help us be sustainable. Click the little green “Become a Patron” button at the top right of this screen to find out how you can help. Thanks so much!

Episode Ten: Self Care

We hope you are thinking more about self care in a time of challenge.

Want to make bath bombs?  Click here.

Want to buy Living Your Yoga?  Click here.

Want to read more about self care in the time of resistance? Click here.

And if you haven’t listened yet, click here and treat yourself to a few minutes of self care!




Episode Nine: Cuba!

We hope you enjoyed coming to Cuba with us.

Episode Seven: Settler Colonialism

We hope you have listened to Episode Seven, and if you haven’t, here you go!

Here are some links to help you delve into the topic even more.

What Is Settler Colonialism?

Settler Colonial Studies blog

Change the Mascot!

Thomas King’s The Truth About Stories

Native Appropriations

Indian Country Media Network

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Episode Six: Women in Politics

Need some good news?  Listen to our round up and find hope!

Also, here are some links to keep you moving and grooving!

National Women’s Political Caucus

I hear by/hearby/hereby declare this is DJT’s twitter feed.

Also, we need your help.  We are in need of another digital audio recorder before we take the show on the road to CUBA!  We are taking you with us, but we want to make sure the two of us are able to do interviews.

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Political Boot Camp Program: February 25

Political Boot Camp

Kutztown University

February 25, 2017

Thank you to PSECU for funding this event and to FMLA for sponsoring!

9-9:30: Welcome and Announcements

LC RLC Auditorium 135

Colleen Fitzgerald, KU-APSCUF Office Manager, Political Agency and Available Organizations


9:30-10:  Speakers’ Panel

LC RLC Auditorium 135


10-11:30:  Break Out Sessions [Session One, 10-10:20; Session Two, 10:25-10:45; Session Three, 10:50-11:10; Session Four, 11:15-11:35]

Participants will circulate to each room.  The presenters will stay in their rooms and do their mini-workshop to the four different groups.

LC RLC Conference Room 113A:  Senator Schwank will focus on effective advocacy at the local and state government levels. The legislation and services enacted and provided at these levels of government might have more impact on people’s lives than federal laws or regulations. She would like to help citizens learn how to become effective advocates for the policies they care about.


LC RLC Classroom 113B:  Chris Ayala’s focus will be organizing within your community. If you are focusing on building strong local political ties, you have to start with learning more about your community and being an integral part of it. By helping others to organize around their local issues and concerns, you show yourself as someone who not only cares about their community but is part of it as well.


LC RLC Auditorium 135:  Sam Bennett’s focus will be how to fundraise and get out the vote!


LC RLC Conference Room 113C:  Gail Hoover’s focus will be how to communicate your individual motivation to the public.

11:40-Noon: Open networking

LC RLC Auditorium 135

Thank you to our participants!

Christopher Ayala is the statewide organizer for the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF). His organizing career began over a decade ago with the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) when he successfully helped unionize his workplace; an organization that assists adults and children with autism. Using skills he developed in the United States Air Force and along with his passion for social justice and equality issues; he has successfully organized employees in private healthcare, temporary state employees and day care educators throughout New York State.


Sam Bennettcandidate for mayor, Allentown.  Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, author, political strategist, business and civic leader – is best known nationally for her passion to see exponentially more women running for public office and locally for her commitment to the recognition to the women leaders of the civil rights movement.  The past national CEO of the first national organization to financially support women when they run for office, Women’s Campaign Fund and She Should Run and current national board member of the historic National Women’s Political Caucus,  she continues to be in demand as a national expert, motivational speaker and media personality – from Bangladesh to Brussels, from FOX News to PBS.

Her nationally renowned initiative Name It. Change It. fighting political sexism against women – was born out of Bennett’s 2008 run for U.S. Congress where she was one of the most endorsed challengers in the nation, with an historic number of votes and money raised.  A small business owner and former Fortune 500 nationally ranked sales professional and manager – Bennett’s political career began when she was recruited by Republican and Democratic leaders to run for Mayor of Allentown in 2001 where she lost by 46 votes to a 20-year political incumbent.  Leading the top performing swing region in the country in the 2004 Kerry Bush faceoff, chairing her region’s Democratic party to its first-ever Democratic sweeps, and running for Mayor again in 2005.


State Senator Judy Schwank is committed to serving the people of Berks County. Her passion for promoting sustainable growth, prosperity and preserving agricultural integrity has been exemplified through her many accomplishments in public service.

Elected to the PA State Senate in 2011, Senator Schwank serves as Democratic Chair of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, and the Health & Human Services Committee.  She is Democratic Vice-Chair of the Appropriations Committee and a member of Aging and Youth, Local Government, State Government, and Policy Committees. She also serves as Senate co-chair of the Women’s Health Caucus.  She recently was appointed a member of the Board of Governors for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  Her legislative initiatives have focused on education, economic development, public health and domestic violence issues.

Judy received her B.S. and M.Ed. in agricultural education from Penn State University.  Judy Schwank recognizes that the needs and concerns of residents of the 11th Senatorial District are not limited by its boundaries.  Her achievements in government, education and nonprofit realms reflect her interest in and advocacy for a brighter future for all Pennsylvanians.

Gail Hooverformer City Council Member, Allentown:

City of Allentown Councilwoman, 2002-2006: Gail served on Council’s Community Development, Public Works, Legal and Legislative and Rules and Chambers. She served on the Allentown Downtown Improvement District Authority, Vacant Property Review Board and the Human Relations Commission, She served several years as President, Hamilton Park Neighborhood Crime Watch.  She is also a member of Old Allentown Preservation Association and the Historical Architectural Review Board. Member of the Lehigh County and Allentown City Democratic Committees, PA-GALA. She is a supporter of PRIDE of Lehigh Valley and FACT (Fighting AIDS Continuously Together. She and her daughter, Phallen, have participated in the Host Family Program for International Exchange Students.

Special thanks to Kutztown FMLA for their help!


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