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Support your local podcasters! June 17

Want to send a message to PA Senator Pat Toomey? Amanda colored this uterus postcard for just that purpose. Come to Inside 254 Podcast first fundraiser this Saturday, June 17 Shine YOGA Center in Perkasie, PA at 12:30 for yoga, wine, pin the covfefe on Trump AND to write a little love note to our Republican senator on my hand-colored postcard. Hope to see you there!

Podcasting requires funds for equipment, social media, and hosting fees.  We love sharing the podcast–we can use your help to offset some of the costs we incur for creating it for you!



Episode Six: Women in Politics

Need some good news?  Listen to our round up and find hope!

Also, here are some links to keep you moving and grooving!

National Women’s Political Caucus

I hear by/hearby/hereby declare this is DJT’s twitter feed.

Also, we need your help.  We are in need of another digital audio recorder before we take the show on the road to CUBA!  We are taking you with us, but we want to make sure the two of us are able to do interviews.

Thank you, all. We have had almost 700 downloads!

If anyone would like to become a sustaining patron of Inside254, you can click here.

Please keep listening, sharing, and giving us feedback. If you listen on iTunes, please rate us on there. It is the only set of diagnostics we get from apple.

We hope you will be inspired to run for office or support someone that is.  Happy listening!

We Marched. It Was Moving, Peaceful, and Powerful.

Inside 254 raised its voice alongside the millions around the world who spoke out for human rights on January 21.  D.C. was foggy but warm.  The people were kind, saying “excuse me” and “do you need help?”  Everyone made room for our tiniest marcher and made sure she was safe.  She felt such love from the high fives, the smile, the people taking her photo while they grinned.

Episode Four will feature sounds from the march and a table talk by our marching group.   We felt you along the way, and we want to bring a piece of the march back to you.  You can find us on iTunes here!



We are on iTunes!

Hi, everyone. We are now on iTunes, which makes listening even easier if you have an iPhone.

How to get Inside 254 Podcast on iTunes:

Click on the iTunes Store Link on the left side of iTunes.
Search for the Podcast (Inside 254) in the upper right hand corner.
Click on the “Subscribe” button.
Click on the “Podcasts” link in the iTunes Library.
Right-Click the podcast to Download All episodes.


Use the purple podcasts app that comes on the iPhone and do the same search.

All episodes will upload automatically. Check out this week’s episode about Trump’s female cabinet picks Friday at 10 AM!

And be sure to follow our FB page on Saturday for live videos from the Women’s March!


Episode One: NODAPL

Here are some links to learn more about the issues discussed in Episode One:

Trump supports Pipeline 

Women of NoDAPL

Donald Trump’s Cabinet

Camp of the Sacred Stones

Merry Christmas!

Buy Underground Railroad

Buy Homegoing







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