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Episode Roundup

Episode 12: Building Community

How do you find community?  Episode 12 is here.

Ask personally.  And make sure you have goodwill in the goodwill bank!

A great primer on the steps we need to take to create and build community

Rest in Power:  The Enduring Life of Treyvon Martin.  Buy it now.

The Art of Community:  Seven Principles of Belonging.  Download today!

Loyalty is cool. However, we still need to be critical of our leaders.

the guardian on Northampton County, PA.  Here’s hoping no one punches a reporter.



Thanks to our amazing former student for making this drawing of your fearless podcasters (or “domestic terrorists” according to La Pierre)! What a beautiful gift out of the blue.  She made our day.  We are happy to have so many former students in our community.

Can you share the podcast with two people today?

Listen for our Expert Extra with Chris Ayala in the coming weeks.

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Episode Ten: Self Care

We hope you are thinking more about self care in a time of challenge.

Want to make bath bombs?  Click here.

Want to buy Living Your Yoga?  Click here.

Want to read more about self care in the time of resistance? Click here.

And if you haven’t listened yet, click here and treat yourself to a few minutes of self care!




Episode Seven: Settler Colonialism

We hope you have listened to Episode Seven, and if you haven’t, here you go!

Here are some links to help you delve into the topic even more.

What Is Settler Colonialism?

Settler Colonial Studies blog

Change the Mascot!

Thomas King’s The Truth About Stories

Native Appropriations

Indian Country Media Network

Let us know if you need any more info.  You can contact us on Facebook, instagram (@inside254), and twitter (@inside254pod).




Episode Six: Women in Politics

Need some good news?  Listen to our round up and find hope!

Also, here are some links to keep you moving and grooving!

National Women’s Political Caucus

I hear by/hearby/hereby declare this is DJT’s twitter feed.

Also, we need your help.  We are in need of another digital audio recorder before we take the show on the road to CUBA!  We are taking you with us, but we want to make sure the two of us are able to do interviews.

Thank you, all. We have had almost 700 downloads!

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We hope you will be inspired to run for office or support someone that is.  Happy listening!

Episode Five: Separating the Individual From the Structural

Remember how Trump says he is the “least racist” person.  Listen and consider his comment as you think about how we speak about oppression.

WPTV Trump Don Lemon 900X675_1449710302688_28160515_ver1.0_640_480.jpg

Here are some links to help you dive into Episode Five:

What is structural oppression?

Blacks Lives Matter

John Oliver

Samantha Bee

Donald Trump’s twitter feed (open if you dare!)

Best line of the episode?  “No more gendered bladders!”

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Episode Four: Women’s March

We did a quick roundup the morning after the march here.  Episode Four goes deeper into the march and why it was important.

Transcript of Trump’s first press conference

“If that’s what it took!” article

Official site of Women’s March for activism and information

Everyday feminism 








Episode Three: Looking at Trump’s Female Cabinet Picks

Here are some links to help you go deeper into Episode Three:

Donald Trump Is Choosing His Cabinet.  Here’s the Latest List.

Nikki Haley on the Confederate Flag

Haley Denounces Trump’s Ban on Muslims

What is the Global Gag Rule?

What Betsy Devos Did to Education…And What She Might Do

“Advance God’s Kingdom…”

Locker Room Talk:  No!

Betsy Devos on Twitter

Nikki Haley on Twitter

As always, you can listen here!

Episode Two: Strike Roundup

We are still working on iTunes verification.  You can download Episode Two here.

Here are some links to help you dive deeper into our strike roundup episode:

What is binding arbitration?

Welcome to APSCUF!

APSCUF social media student project

Behind the Scenes with Time‘s Person of the Year Process

No Shortcuts:  Organizing for Power

Learn more about Labor Notes

Donald Trump on being “Person of the Year”



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