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Join Amanda and Colleen for the conversations they have when they close the door of their office, 254 Lytle Hall at Kutztown University.  Amanda, union chapter president and indigenous rhetorics scholar, and Colleen, Director of Women’s and Gender Studies and postcolonial feminist scholar love to talk shop in a fun and approachable way .  The podcast will be ten minutes so you can listen during your commute, on your dog walk, or on the way to class.  The first seven, ‘Around the Table,’ focuses on one current topic about labor, indigeneity, gender, or world issues.  One minute, ‘Trumpster Fire,’ will look at Trump’s administration’s latest shenanigans.  During ‘Media Minute,” we will discuss what we are consuming that week, from podcasts to movies to cooking shows.  Finally, ‘Activist Actions’ will give listeners concrete action steps to take based on our discussion.  Come on in as we close the door and chat in 254!