Episode 12: Building Community

How do you find community?  Episode 12 is here.

Ask personally.  And make sure you have goodwill in the goodwill bank!

A great primer on the steps we need to take to create and build community

Rest in Power:  The Enduring Life of Treyvon Martin.  Buy it now.

The Art of Community:  Seven Principles of Belonging.  Download today!

Loyalty is cool. However, we still need to be critical of our leaders.

the guardian on Northampton County, PA.  Here’s hoping no one punches a reporter.



Thanks to our amazing former student for making this drawing of your fearless podcasters (or “domestic terrorists” according to La Pierre)! What a beautiful gift out of the blue.  She made our day.  We are happy to have so many former students in our community.

Can you share the podcast with two people today?

Listen for our Expert Extra with Chris Ayala in the coming weeks.

Want to keep the Inside 254 community sustainable?  Click here to donate a buck a month.



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